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Singer/songwriter David Newbould pushes for change in "Ready For The Times To Get Better," a folk-rock cover of Crystal Gayle's 1978 hit releasing on July 16 via Blackbird Record Label.  


"'Ready for the Times to Get Better' is one of my favorite songs I've recorded. David Newbould has created a new and refreshing version. I love it!” -Crystal Gayle 


Lushly layered with fiddle, background harmonies, and Newbould's swooning vocals, the song arrives after a challenging year that brought the touring industry — as well as much of the outside world — to a halt. While riding out the pandemic at his Nashville home, Newbould began broadcasting a series of livestreams from his living room, mixing his critically-acclaimed original material with a handful of covers. "Ready For The Times To Get Better" — a song that speaks to the modern moment, rooted in optimistic lyrics about pushing toward a new horizon — became a staple of those online shows.  


"I fell in love with the song before the pandemic, but once the lockdown started, it took on new meaning," he says. "People have been hunkered down in their homes for a year. We've all been stuck here, ready for it to be over so we can get back to our regular lives. We're ready for these times to change." 


Produced by East Nashville staple Scot Sax (who also directed the song's music video) and featuring violinist Kristin Weber, Newbould's interpretation of "Ready For The Times To Get Better" will make an appearance on next year's follow-up to his 2019 album, Sin & Redemption. Allen Reynolds, the song's original writer, is also a fan. "I'm so happy to hear David Newbould's recording of my song," says Reynolds, a member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. "I love the musical arrangement he's created for it." 


Emblematic of Newbould's diverse sound, "Ready For The Times To Get Better" shines its light on a musician who has always blurred the boundaries between genres, creating his own hybrid of Americana, folk, and song-driven rock & roll. His upcoming album continues that tradition, even though its socially-distant recording process — which involved a basement studio in East Nashville, a dividing wall of glass, and absolutely no face-to-face contact — points to the challenging era during which it was created. Ready for the times to get better, indeed.  


For more information on David Newbould, visit https://davidnewbould.com

Label: Manda Mosher, Blackbird Record Label, manda@blackbirdrecordlabel.com 
Management: Josh Giles, Small Fry, Inc, josh@smallfryinc.com