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“There’s something really so liberating about going to play your own music to audiences in different countries. This was my first time taking my band over to Europe with me, and just about every night we played to a full room with exceptional crowds. That’s what music is all about - bringing your music and who you are to people where they are.

This show was near the end of a short 3 weeks run of Western Europe, so we were getting pretty limbered up by this point. I don’t know if it’s great, or good, or bad, or any of the above, but it definitely captures a special moment - the connection with the crowd was really strong, as it was the whole tour. I certainly can’t wait to get back.

We did a few new songs I have yet to release, stretched out one some old ones, and I broke down the song “Sweet Virginia Morn” to its bare elements. We were fortunate enough to get the tracks recorded by our ace soundman (Jürgen Bleekmann), so we set up some iPhones and a handheld for video. When I got home I watched the footage and listened to the tracks and it had a real vibe to it so I mixed the audio, edited the video, had it mastered and released it on YouTube. What the hell, right? Then I thought, ‘Hey, this makes for a really cool listening experience without the video’, so voila. Whatever works!” - David Newbould

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David Newbould - Power Up!

Vinyl / CD via Bandcamp 

Vinyl / CD via Amazon Prime

Track Listing:

1. Power Up!

2. Peeler Park

3. Blood On My Hands

4. The Lawn

5. Home Depot Glasses

6. Ready For The Times To Get Better

7. Last Letter

8. One Last Dance

9. That Was Another Time

10. Sunrise Surprise

11. Diggin' In

"Power Up!” by David Newbould is in our opinion one of the most surprising albums of 2022." - 

"Power Up!" Audio Premiere - Glide Magazine
Finally Friday Live Sessions NPR - WMOT 
"Peeler Park" Video Premiere - Ditty TV
Live from Lightening 100's SkyDeck - Lightening 100
"Home Depot Glasses" Video Premiere - WMOT Liner Notes 
"Power Up!" Video Premiere - Americana Highways
"Power Up!" Album Review -

David Newbould is a lifer. Since kickstarting his career with 2007's Big Red Sun, he's made his mark as a heartland roots-rocker, Americana artist, and amplified folksinger, writing songs that chart the ups and downs of an adulthood often spent onstage and on the road. He turns a new page with his fourth full-length studio album, Power Up!, a record whose messages of persistence and unshakeable survival are driven forward by the grease, grit, and guitar-driven swagger of rock & roll. 


Recorded with producer/collaborator Scot Sax (Wanderlust) during a global pandemic that brought both musicians' schedules to a halt, Power Up! is an album for the modern moment. These are songs about taking stock of the present, counting one's blessings, and putting one foot in front of the other. Newbould recorded the tracks in a makeshift basement studio in Sax's Nashville home, with the two musicians separated by a pane of glass for health's sake. Sax played drums, bass, and other instruments, while Newbould handled lead guitar and vocal duties. They worked together as a self-contained unit, only reaching out to friends like Newbould's live band and Americana Music Award-winning violinist Kristin Weber (who contributed to the album's cover of Crystal Gayle's "Ready for the Times to Get Better") for guest appearances. Steadily, Power Up! took shape during six months of quarantined recording sessions.  

"We both love albums from the 1970s, when artists had total freedom in the studio and were pushing boundaries, experimenting with sounds, and having fun," says Newbould. "That's the vibe we achieved with this album, too. It's a basement rock & roll record. Some guitar solos have mistakes in them, but they have a vibe, too, so we kept them. Some drum tracks were recorded with an iPhone. We didn't get too precious with it.” 


“Fidelity is an interesting thing,” he continues. “You want your album to sound sweet, but you can get diminishing returns if you try to get more than what's there. We were in a garage. We maxed out what we had and it felt just right to me — and honest. There are a million records out there. The only way you can connect with anyone who hears it is by being as you as you can be. We were just doing what we had to do to make an album during a crazy time, between homeschooling our kids, supporting our wives, and keeping ourselves from going crazy." 


Newbould isn't used to sitting still. Born in Toronto, he relocated to New York City as a teenager and logged time in Austin's fertile music scene before ultimately settling in Nashville. There, he found a community that was every bit as diverse as his own history. Albums like 2013's Tennessee shone a light on his cross-continental travels and inner journey, too, while 2019's Sin & Redemption found him fronting an A-list studio band whose members included drummer Brad Pemberton (Steve Earle, Ryan Adams) and rock legend Dan Baird (Georgia Satellites). On Power Up!, Newbould veers from the talking blues of "Home Depot Glasses" (where he pays tribute to one of his longtime influences, John Prine) to the guttural, riff-ready rock of the album's title track. “'Power Up!' is partly about an old TV that wouldn't turn on, and partly about staring down time," he says. "These days, everything seems to take on the same level of importance.” Meanwhile, "Peeler Park" — named after a riverside greenway close to Newbould's home — unfolds like an internal dialogue set to a rollicking "Steve Earle meets-Nick Cave's Grinderman groove," while the rest of the album also makes room for the politically-tinged fury of "Blood on my Hands," the atmospheric soundscape of "The Lawn," and the optimistic, folk-rock sway of "Sunrise Surprise."  


The result, he says, is an album that's "dirtier-sounding than much of what I've put out. It feels like a garage to me. There's not a whole lot of daylight to it." 


With a catalog of critically-acclaimed releases, thousands of live performances, and placements in programs like Criminal Minds and Dawson's Creek, David Newbould has carved his own spot in the roots-rock world. Power Up! finds him leaning into the qualities that set him apart from the pack. It's a record that wears its homemade origins on its sleeve, while still highlighting the unique sound and carefully-constructed craft that have piloted Newbould's career for more than a dozen years.  


Singer/songwriter David Newbould pushes for change in "Ready For The Times To Get Better," a folk-rock cover of Crystal Gayle's 1978 hit releasing on July 16 via Blackbird Record Label.  


"'Ready for the Times to Get Better' is one of my favorite songs I've recorded. David Newbould has created a new and refreshing version. I love it!” -Crystal Gayle 


Lushly layered with fiddle, background harmonies, and Newbould's swooning vocals, the song arrives after a challenging year that brought the touring industry — as well as much of the outside world — to a halt. While riding out the pandemic at his Nashville home, Newbould began broadcasting a series of livestreams from his living room, mixing his critically-acclaimed original material with a handful of covers. "Ready For The Times To Get Better" — a song that speaks to the modern moment, rooted in optimistic lyrics about pushing toward a new horizon — became a staple of those online shows.  


"I fell in love with the song before the pandemic, but once the lockdown started, it took on new meaning," he says. "People have been hunkered down in their homes for a year. We've all been stuck here, ready for it to be over so we can get back to our regular lives. We're ready for these times to change." 


Produced by East Nashville staple Scot Sax (who also directed the song's music video) and featuring violinist Kristin Weber, Newbould's interpretation of "Ready For The Times To Get Better" will make an appearance on next year's follow-up to his 2019 album, Sin & Redemption. Allen Reynolds, the song's original writer, is also a fan. "I'm so happy to hear David Newbould's recording of my song," says Reynolds, a member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. "I love the musical arrangement he's created for it." 


Emblematic of Newbould's diverse sound, "Ready For The Times To Get Better" shines its light on a musician who has always blurred the boundaries between genres, creating his own hybrid of Americana, folk, and song-driven rock & roll. His upcoming album continues that tradition, even though its socially-distant recording process — which involved a basement studio in East Nashville, a dividing wall of glass, and absolutely no face-to-face contact — points to the challenging era during which it was created. Ready for the times to get better, indeed.  


Label: Manda Mosher, Blackbird Record Label:

Management: Josh Giles, Small Fry, Inc.:  

US Publicity: Mike Farley, Michael J. Media Group LLC:

International Publicity/Touring: Jan Janssen, JohTheMa PROMOTIONS:

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